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Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, History Revealed, Part 1 by Diana Waring


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History Revealed, by Diana Waring!

This unparalleled world history curriculum is a collaboration between Diana Waring—today’s most-loved “history evangelist”—and Answers in Genesis! These top-quality textbooks start at the beginning—about 6,000 years ago. Unlike the “politically correct,” evolution influenced curriculum of most of today’s secular and private schools, this biblically-based curricula shows students the real history of the world!

History Revealed, Volume 1: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible—From Creation to Jesus Christ (4004 BC to AD 29)

Can we learn more about ancient cultures than what secular sources provide? Is there a perspective of history, which allows us to see God’s ongoing purpose and plan? In this exciting curriculum, you will explore these questions, dig deeply into the best resources available, and discover world history from a truly biblical basis.

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible presents a panorama of world history spanning from 4004 BC to AD 29, exploring creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the rise of civilizations from Mesopotamia to Rome. You will see God’s purposes worked out through His chosen people, Israel, culminating in the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

This curriculum pack includes:

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible – Teacher Guide

This teacher guide supplies a structure that can be easily modified for the particular needs of your students. It provides multifaceted creative ideas, teacher tips, and spiritual application to spark your students’ discovery and exploration of the amazing events of ancient times. Grades 6 & up. Hardcover. 352 pages.

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible – Student Manual

Meeting the varied learning styles and perceptual modes of today’s students (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic), young people will explore history through fun and exciting exercises, plus activities that allow them to interact with and learn the material. Far from just memorizing names and dates (the standard procedure in most history classes), this fascinating book captures students’ attention and results in life-long learning. Grades 6 & up. Softcover. 315 pages.

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible – Test Kit

This curriculum offers many non-traditional ways for students to show what they have learned. However, parents or teachers can also use this testing kit as a traditional measure of knowledge gained. Grades 6 & up. Looseleaf. 47 pages.

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible – Elementary Activity Book

Families or teachers will find many terrific activities in this activity book for grades K–4. Delight the hearts of your students as together you study God’s hand in history. Especially useful to keep younger students “connected” to what their older siblings are learning. Grades K–4. Softcover. 80 pages.

What in the World? – CD set, Volume 1

In this four-disc whirlwind adventure through time, Diana Waring reveals the astounding evidence for the Bible’s authority in its description of the influential people and nations of antiquity. Drawing from many sources of archeological research, Diana shows the sovereign hand of God influencing events from earliest man to the great empires of Greece and Rome. Grades 5 & up. 4 audio CDs.

True Tales – CD set, Volume 1

Presented in a storyteller’s enthusiastic manner, these accounts of people and events are supplemental to the material heard in What in the World? Volume 1. This 3-CD set contains short vignettes of history, short biographies of fascinating people, and short descriptions of incredible events all told in Diana’s internationally renowned, enthusiastic and captivating style. Grades 5 & up. 3 audio CDs.

Digging Deeper – CD set, Volume 1

Diana takes a deeper look at some of the amazing events and places from Ancient Civilizations & the Bible. Each CD focuses on a different event during this time period, including “Noah’s Ark,” “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” and “The First Christmas.” Grades 5 & up. 3 audio CDs.

BONUS CD: Well-Kept Secrets of a Biblical Education

What makes an education biblical? How does it differ from other forms of education? What did God intend for us as parents and teachers in the vital area of education? Join Diana Waring for this thought-provoking, dynamic 50-minute seminar where she looks at the necessary ingredients of a biblical education: revelation, relationship, and imitation. Ages 18 & up. 1 audio CD.

About the “History Revealed” curriculum

Answers in Genesis has teamed up with Diana Waring, one of the most recognizable names in homeschooling, to bring you this unique and comprehensive world history curriculum—“History Revealed.”

Volume 1 is Ancient Civilizations & the Bible, which takes you on a journey from creation to Christ, covering the major events, civilizations, and personalities in the first 4,000 years of world history. Volume 2 is Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, which covers the early church to the French revolution. Volume 3, World Empires, World Missions, World Wars, covers the time period of 1800 until the 1950s.

Each volume is a one-year history curriculum and includes a teacher guide, student manual, testing kit, audio CDs, and an optional elementary activity book for the younger students so that all ages can participate in this exciting study of world history.

Each volume is broken down into nine units, with each unit broken into four one-week segments, called phases. Each phase covers a variety of learning methods.

  1. In Phase 1, the student reads the unit article and then listens to fascinating stories of history told by Diana in the What in the World is Going on Here?, True Tales, and Digging Deeper audio CDs.
  2. Phase 2 focuses on exploration and discovery. The student researches a topic of his or her own choosing and also learns vocabulary and constructs a timeline.
  3. Phase 3 focuses on the geography, arts, and sciences of the period covered. It includes making maps as well as activities in science, art, architecture, cooking, and music.
  4. In Phase 4 students are encouraged to express themselves in their own unique way, choosing a project that may include writing, art, music, drama, movement, conceptual design, or other areas of expression.

The teacher guide includes everything needed to make history come alive for your students (and you). Diana also gives weekly schedule suggestions that are flexible to the needs of your family or class, and she provides background information for you to stay at least one step ahead of your students.

What sets this curriculum apart?

  1. Discovering and enjoying history from a biblical perspective—looking at God’s fingerprints throughout time and noting how God has been intimately and powerfully involved in the lives of individuals and nations.
  2. Exploring history in a way that honors a student’s God-given design. Because God has created different types of learners, this curriculum offers many different ways to engage each student in a love of learning history.

Diana Waring makes history come alive. Her enthusiasm and love for God’s unfolding plan of history overflows from every article and audio recording, stimulating students and teachers alike to recognize God’s hand in world history and to marvel at His goodness.

From the author

“People tell us they LOVE seeing history with God alive at the center. They are grateful that their children not only LEARN it, but, because of the variety of different learning opportunities this curriculum provides, they RETAIN it.”

— Diana Waring, author

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